Mockups & things

😉Hey y'all..I need to take a quick moment to let y'all know about how things work just a bit with us and our direct to film transfers.
First off- you can use our mockups to post in your own groups to see if there is anyone interested before purchasing. 
👀I'm including some mockups to kinda help a bit as I attempt to explain. This might seem like I'm going overboard but I honestly don't like it when things are confusing and sometimes i do confuse myself even.
👉I'm sure you have seen that almost all of our dtf have a pocket option. Some of the mock-ups will show the pocket that goes with the main design while others it will be the same design but we are just offering it in pocket size as well.
👶Pockets are 4 inches. (This is also about the right size for infant up to toddlers tees and things which is why it's offered on all designs).
🦾Sleeve designs we will try to fit 2 per sheet.. however this really depends on the designer. Sheets are 11" long and 11" wide. This means a sleeve will be about 5" wide at most.
👧Youth size is 8.5". If the design isn't a perfect square then it may be 8.5" long but won't be as wide or 8.5" wide an be not as long. It really depends on the design itself.
👉Adult size is 11". If the design isn't a perfect square then it may be 11" long but won't be as wide or 11" wide an be not as long. It really depends on the design itself.
💜If the mockup shows a pocket design to match and you chose the pocket option then that's the one we will use as default. If you wanted the main design shown as a pocket instead then leave a note so we know or email us.
(some sleeves look like pockets so please be mindful of placement on the mockup- sleeve is on the sleeve, pocket would be on front of a shirt or in a bubble)
😉A few of the mockups are just for sleeves- simply choose the number for the one you want in that case.
🙈 I'll admit I'm best at visual things so that's why I'm adding this page.
I'll always try to help anyone find a design they want, I can also offer digital designs and if you only wanted it as a transfer then I can make that happen as well. However, I will not copy or recreate. I will not edit a design created by another Designer either (I might add a custom option to add on something like a name but that's as far as I go usually)
I hope this helps some.. you can always pm me, email, or just tag me and I'll do my best to answer any questions.