Updates & Schedules

Hey y'all - First off thank you so much for visiting my tiny online store. 

I thought it would be best to create a monthly schedule to help out a bit with knowing when certain events take place as well as help to organize things a bit better. The images attached will showcase what you can expect as far as shipping times and such. If you have any questions though please do not hesitate to reach out via email as we are always happy to help. GeezLouise.lisa@gmail.com 

Weekly schedule & TAT times:

All new transfer options & digitals are released randomly throughout the week.

Our monthly digital drives are released on the 1st. On the Engagement drive we will give access but we will not add anything to it until about mid-month. Example: September engagement drive will be released on August 1st but will be empty until about 9/15. 

  • Direct to Film- TAT is currently 3-5 business days. (excludes weekends & holidays).
  • Digitals, logos, website design, builds, etc- each item is different- some may take longer to create but we try to get things created as quickly as we can. TAT is currently 3-7 business days
  • Screenprints- RTS (ready to ship) TAT is currently 2-4 business days.  <we are currently phasing these out so only mystery bundles are avaliable.

Shipping time is separate from processing time and we are not to be held responsible for items lost or held up in the mail as we have zero control of what occurs once items leave us. 

TAT does not start until the day after your order is placed. If this is a Friday then TAT will start on Monday. 

Monthly calendar of events: 


 October 2023:




November 2023:

 Please note: starting in November our $2 day will be Wednesdays from 6-8pm EST. 

Two bundles will be released: The Thankful bundle will be November 4th and can be found in the November monthly drive as well. The HSH (home sweet home) bundle will be released on 11/18 at noon EST. It will consist of different states and be holiday theme & will not be in any monthly drive. 






Two bundles will be released: The Motivational bundle will be December 4th and can be found in the December monthly drive as well. The Valentine's bundle will be released on 12/16 at noon EST & will not be in any monthly drive. 





 License information regarding our Digital Designs-